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Washington Wins at Kentucky

2017-07-11 03:59:54 - Posted By: Doug Atkinson
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David Washington took the win in Monday night's =RSR= Full Throttle 125 lap race and is back to his performance shown in Segment 1. After multiple races where the yellow flag was seldom in the starter's hand, Kentucky saw a near record 9 FCYs. Fortunately most incidents were of the "excuse me" variety and only put a couple of cars back in the trailers. Arriving in second place was Turn One Heroes Anthony DeBaro, and third went to Ashton Crowder. The closing laps of the race was an intense battle for the top spots, and proved to be some of the most entertaining and clean racing laps of the year. Great job guys!

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Comstock Wins in Wine Country

2017-06-27 05:41:20 - Posted By: Doug Atkinson
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David Comstock showed he is as fast on a road course as he is on an oval track in tonight's Full Throttle Cup race at Sonoma. But it was anything but an easy win. Comstock dueled with 2nd place and fellow Turn One Heroes driver Anthony DeBaro, and 3rd place Prestige driver Nick Silver. Joseph Theis was the first Aegis car across the line in 4th, and Lone Wolf pole sitter Lionel Calisto finished 5th.

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Shedd Wins Full Throttle Michigan

2017-06-20 03:55:33 - Posted By: Doug Atkinson
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Carl Shedd took Full Throttle Michigan Monday night by .891 over Trevor Roppolo, while Mike Kelly finished third and Dylan Jones finished fourth. Kelly and Jones looked to be the contenders for the win until the final two laps when Shedd made a huge charge to the front. The race proved to be prominently green flag racing the same as the two previous Segment Two events with just two FCYs.

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Ackermann Wins in Wild Daytona Night Finish

2017-06-13 04:18:43 - Posted By: Doug Atkinson
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Bruce Ackermann got his first win at the Full Throttle Daytona Night race which like last weeks event, proved to be relatively caution free... except for the white flag lap which involved several cars including the front pack of cars. Coming in second was David Washington. While Washington is the series point leader, he has had a rough few weeks prior to tonight. In third was Lionel Calisto who has a follow-up great run like last weeks race,

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Eberhardt Takes Segment Two Dover

2017-06-06 03:38:36 - Posted By: Doug Atkinson
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Daniel Eberhardt started the first race of Full Throttle Segment Two with a close win over Dylan Jones followed by Andrew Faryniarz. Eberhardt's win was a mere 0.090 over Jones, and Faryniarz followed by 0.282. Considering the past few races in Full Throttle caution fests, Segment Two started with very few laps run under the yellow. A pleasant change over the past few races that had way too much bent sheet metal. Next up is the 100 lap night race at Daytona on June 12th.

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