Series Signup

Full Throttle Cup TV Series

Full Throttle Cup TV 2017, Mondays 8:30 ET

The Full Throttle Cup Series emulates the NASCAR Monster Cup Series in schedule and broadcast excitement! The Series races on Monday nights. The server is available for practice from 8:30 PM Eastern Time, qualifying at 9:30 PM, and the race at 9:40 PM. All events will be broadcast LIVE by our partners at LiveSimRacing TV.  Entry registration for Segment Two -- which are races 13 through 24 in the 2017 Monster Cup Schedule -- is open now. Entries must have a Class A Oval License and an irating between 2000-6600. Update 7/12/17: Series is currently full for Segment Two. If you are interested in joining the series please send a contact email with your correct iracing name.